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Clotworthy Skeffington, Viscount and Earl of Massarene, contracted large debts in France through speculation in salt and was imprisoned in Paris for 18 years.  He escaped in 1789, no doubt liberated by the revolutionaries. He married firstly the daughter of the governor of the prison, Anne Marie Barcier.   When she died of a heart attack the Earl married Elizabeth Lane.

The Earl, now Viscount, died in 1805 after which his widow married George Doran, our great-great-grandfather and father of Patrick who kept a school in the Glens of Antrim and was a pioneer in the theory of the Great Circle sailing route.

Patrick was banished from the Glens for translating tracts into Irish for the edification of the Roman Catholic community.   He settled in Shrove where his lasting monument is Doran's Well where we used to collect frogspawn in the early summer for hatching into frogs,  an activity which is now illegal, I understand.   


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